The MC Nation Is Back! And This Is My New Storage Area!

After a long pause “The MC Nation” is back and this time as a Bedrock server. The server is two months old and has 4 players on it. I did try a 4core 8gb of ram and a 160gb SSD hard drive and it was an underwhelming performance. And we got a lot of server lag. But now the server is hosted on an I5 9600k 6core 3.7ghz, 16gb of ram, 500gb M2. SSD and a 2tb backup hard drive. So the server has plenty of power to run our little bedrock server.

These pictures are of my new storage area and it is a fraction of the size that I normally build my storage areas. Whenever I would build massive storage areas the whole server would lag. So this time I downsized, and I am very happy with it. The storage area is 6 stories with a workshop on the bottom floor and 5 stories of storage. As always I hope you enjoy today’s pictures and please check back with “The MC Nation”

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