SelenaG89’s XP Farm!

Here are some pictures of SelenaG89’s XP Farm. It is right off of the Nether Portal so it’s super easy to find. It has 2 villagers and one of them trades zombie skins for emeralds and the other trades mending books. There is also a complete crafting area, a bad, and a Zombie farm with a trash compacter which you can turn on and off. And last but not lease there is a enchanting table so you can enchant without leaving the XP farm. And as always I hope you enjoyed today’s update and please check back soon with “The MC Nation” for future updates!

This is my Nether portal!

SelenaG89 built the portal for me because I didn’t have any obsidian. And I built the building. The Nether connects my house, soullionx’s house, SelenaG89’s mob farm and the end portal. And as always I hope that you enjoyed today’s update and please check back soon with “The MC Nation” for future updates.

The MC Nation Is Back! And This Is My New Storage Area!

After a long pause “The MC Nation” is back and this time as a Bedrock server. The server is two months old and has 4 players on it. I did try a 4core 8gb of ram and a 160gb SSD hard drive and it was an underwhelming performance. And we got a lot of server lag. But now the server is hosted on an I5 9600k 6core 3.7ghz, 16gb of ram, 500gb M2. SSD and a 2tb backup hard drive. So the server has plenty of power to run our little bedrock server.

These pictures are of my new storage area and it is a fraction of the size that I normally build my storage areas. Whenever I would build massive storage areas the whole server would lag. So this time I downsized, and I am very happy with it. The storage area is 6 stories with a workshop on the bottom floor and 5 stories of storage. As always I hope you enjoy today’s pictures and please check back with “The MC Nation”